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Audio Masters

    Please make sure your production audio master (Premaster) has been prepared to Red Book standards at a professional studio with mastering facilities or mastering house! And not burnt on a home computer low quality CDR!

    Copcartel will not be responsible for audio clipping from data errors or lack of mastering quality, including CD text, track & ISRC code omissions or errors from audio masters supplied by clients.

    High quality, professional audio mastering services are available at discounted price (£30 per track) for Copcartel customers. All mastering undertaken at the legendary Philia Studios mastering suite. Click Here for more info & booking.

    Philia Studios can also check your audio master CD for potential problems for a small fee (Discounted to £35 per master for Copcartel customers)



What is Bleed?

Printing that extends to the edge of the page after trimming is called a bleed. To ensure ink coverage to the bleed edge, we need 3mm of background inked paper to trim away after printing as shown on our templates.

Your artwork does have to run to this line & would in any professional printing job you ever send to press, this is industry standard not just the recording industry, but for the whole printing industry...

This is because printing multiple sheet guillotine process is not ever guaranteed to be accurate & stops your finished product having a white (or other incorrect colour) border on one or more sides, this is also why cd artwork has a no text area, to stop text being cut off when they are cut in...





Incorrect - 'No Bleed'



Incorrect - Text In 'No Text Area'

Incorrect - Text In 'No Text Area'



CD Onbody Print Preparation

  • CD printing uses a different process than the paper (booklet, tray etc), and is also a much lower print resolution, so fine lines & detail will not print successfully.

  • Opacities or graduated fills of lower than 15% or higher than 85% ink densities will revert to 0% & 100% respectively.

  • Fine detail or lines will not print e.g. lines or detail thinner than 1mm

  • Subtle colour changes (less than 30%) will not print

  • A white base ink is added so that the ink colours will print correctly, so if you require any silver disk surface showing through the design please specify where in the upload or art notes.

If your Package includes a 5 Colour Onbody (CMYK & White Base) no special preparation is needed other than using the Copcartel CD template and bearing in mind the above points.

If your package includes a 4 Colour Onbody, (3 Pantone Spot Colours & White Base) please provide each separate pantone colour as a separate layer in the template with each Pantone colour code specified in the layer name.



What is the minimum font size?

It is not recommended to have any font on your artwork under 6pt in size, as it is extremely unlikely that it will be legible when printed.



What are your artwork specs?


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